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new_frontcover_smallAs you may know I entered my first novel: Sugar the Robot and the race to save the Earth into the Wishing Shelf Awards which are independent book awards. The title of this post is the “quote” I got from the reviewers:

“A fun exciting adventure for 7-9 year olds”

I agree but then I am biased 🙂

I like these awards because:-

  • They are independent, fair and review based on merit of that book, not on the fame of the author or other books they’ve written
  • The reviews are made by real readers – the target audience – rather than a professional review panel.
  • They don’t exclude small, slef-published authors like myself. Some awards seem to do this either deliberately or by not really taking self-published work as seriously.

Ok so my book didn’t win but the competition was of a high standard. I did get some feedback (another plus point of these awards I think) and that has recently been added as an Amazon and GoodReads review. I’ve repeated it, in full, below. I’m really quite chuffed with this feedback. I like the fact that the childen and parents and teachers liked the book. I like that they’ve given me ideas on how to improve and expand on it and I like the fact that they commented on the cover and the excellent drawings my children did for the book.

What I’m taking away from this is that I can include more background on the smaller characters ( I thought it might make the book too long) and that I should write more books (75% would read other books by me!). As far as girls not liking it as much, I find this interesting because I wasn’t really trying to write “for boys”. I guess the story is written from a boy’s perspective and that might be why some girls didn’t connect with it as wel. On the other hand I have had some good feedback from girls and I made an effort not to make Tim or Priya into stereotypes. Perhaps I should write the next book from Priya’s perspective – that would be a challenge! 🙂

Here’s the review:-

This book was recently entered in The Wishing Shelf Book Awards. This is what our readers thought:

Star Rating: 4 stars
Number of Readers: 18

Readers’ Comments

‘This is an excellent story to read to younger children just before bed. A fun, exciting adventure.’ Parent

‘I liked the drawings and the adventure very much.’ Boy, aged 8

‘My class thought this book was excellent. They laughed a lot and they loved the robot. The boys seemed to particulary enjoy the story; most of the boys in my class love robots. The girls were not so into it.’ Teacher

‘I liked the fact working with robots was his hobby. And I liked that he wanted a pal-robot, not a killer robot.’ Parent

‘A good, solid story, well written with a strong underlying humour. Other characters in the story are not too well developed – I wanted to know the mum better, but, all in all, a rewarding book for 7-9 year olds.’ Teacher

‘Excellent cover.’ Girl, aged 9

Of the 18 readers:

  • 14 would read another book by this author
  • 4 (all girls) would not
  • 7 thought the adventure/plot was the best bit
  • 7 thought the comedy was the best
  • 18 thought the cover was excellent

‘A fun, exciting robot adventure for 7-9 year olds.’ The Wishing Shelf Awards

You can read the review on Amazon and Goodreads.

If you’ve not read the book you can grab yourself a copy (free if you prefer) here.

If you have read it and want to read more from the same author, try the next Roboteers book – Do Not Feed The Troll!

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